Saturday, 22 November 2014



In amongst all the recent sorting of my song associated material was a package of letters to me from Joan Ure. They are all however signed Betty and in any further reference I will use that name.
The Package                                            

My first encounter with Betty was at a Glasgow West End party. The other guests were actors or were in some way associated with the theatre. I have no memory of our conversation but the fact that I was a singer must have been mentioned because several days later Betty came to my flat and I sang some songs for her. 

I cannot say that this event was responsible for what happened next but she subsequently sent me a lyric. I wrote the music and sang the song (I think towards the end) of a short play which was performed in a room in Glasgow University. There was glass down one side of the room and this was referred to in the song. 

I have a copy of that song, typed by Betty. The title is NOSTALGIA FOR SWEET FRIENDSHIP. It is in a small bundle of other lyrics some of which can be read at 

And that is the introduction to the dilemma. I do not know if it is acceptable to be putting any of the material on-line as words or as recordings of her songs. 

Also in the package, apart from the letters, is a copy of a '20 Minute dialogue' 
It was sent to me by Betty in August 1972

About the letters: some of these are personal and I have no intention of doing anything other than keeping them safe. Some have dates. There are seven typewritten letters, fourteen handwritten notes and letters, six airmail letters twelve others in envelopes and three postcards. 

There is more information on my web site at

Included there is a link to an article by Jan McDonald entitled  ‘Is it not possible to have a Poem made out of Theatre?’ -An assessment of the dramas and dramaturgy of Joan Ure' 

A recording of one of Betty's songs When I say You Owe Me Nothing can be heard at

It is from a live performance at the old Third Eye Centre in Glasgow - a long time ago. The recording was recently lightly added to by Fraser Spiers and mastered by Geoff Allan at  the Cava Studios Glasgow